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Scientists discovered a diamond Planet which around 40 million l

Harvard University researchers 11, the report said, they and French scientists cooperation found, 40 of light-years away from earth a rocky planet may be "diamond star", diamond at least one third of the total mass of the planet.jordan shoes store This planet is called "55 cancrie", orbits inside a visible, similar to the sun's star operation. Beauty method scientists according to the computer model speculate that the planet surface without water, main ingredients in graphite and diamond forms of carbon. The radius of planet earth's two times, quality as the earth's nine times; Speed is very quick, period of revolution is only 18 hours on earth; Surface temperature can reach 1650 degrees Celsius.

Related research report has been for the United States the astrophysical journal newsletter accept.Tory Burch selma Riding Boot Diamonds are made from carbon element composition of simple substance crystal. In Australia and the UK astronomers reported last year, said some 4000 light-years from earth in space exists a mainly by crystal carbon component high-density planets, may be "diamond star".

Diamond can be formed in the history of the earth each period/phase, and the mining of mine, most diamonds mainly formed in the last 3.3 billion years ago and 12-1.7 billion the two period.Tory Burch Calista Riding Boot Such as South Africa's some diamond age for 4.5 billion or so, show that the diamonds in the earth was born shortly after the earth has begun to deep crystal, diamond is one of the world's most ancient stone. Diamond formation need a long historical process, the main production in the earth from diamond on the stability of the ancient mainland can be confirmed.Tory Burch Alaina Flat Boot In addition, to an alien body to the earth's impact, produce instant high temperature, high pressure, also can form diamond, such as the 1988 Soviet academy of sciences reported in meteorites found diamonds, but this effect formation of diamond and no economic value.

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The maldives plans to build 185 floating luxury villa

Looked from the sky, the maldives deserves to the Indian Ocean a string of pearl: 1190 green islands Mosaic in the blue sea, like a sparkling pearl, no wonder there are called - heaven on earth.jordan shoes store But a cruel fact is that the beauty of the maldives all based in low altitude, the national average height only 1.5 meters above sea level, eighty percent of the land is not higher than 1 m. If the United Nations for global warming, sea level rising velocity calculation under accurate words, fastest a century these islands will be the sea engulfed by. Threatened by rising sea levels, the maldives invited a Dutch construction companies to carry out studies to build water floating island.Tory Burch selma Riding Boot At present, the company is for the maldives design a including 185 floating luxury villas residential - Ocean Flower.

The company architect aode youse said they received in the maldives requirements after, start careful research how to design the floating island. At present, the company is for the maldives design there are 185 floating luxury villas residential - Ocean Flower. This project is spread in five population lakes one of real estate project, including conference center and golf course. Ocean Flower with backwash fluctuations, as of sea-level, however aode youse pointed out that villa is very stable, with standing in land villa generally. Water floating island will borrow offshore oil drilling platform construction technology, through some cable and seabed, together, let they can fixed in the same place, will not drift. Tory Burch Calista Riding BootAode youse also hope that through construction such luxury villas, make water housing construction techniques are improved increasingly, after the technology used in Bangladesh and other countries of the housing development, lest the people of these countries long-term bear the suffering of the flood.

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An apple a day, keep the doctor away

Apple contains a lot of pectin, this kind of soluble fiber can reduce cholesterol and bad cholesterol. A medium size not peeling apples can provide 3.5 g fiber (even if pared, also contains 2.7 g fiber), is nutrition experts suggested daily intake of 10% above, and only contains 80 calories of quantity of heat in the road. "The American journal of physiology research pointed out that in the life of the deep red skin, such as apple and raisins to wait, all test a Resveraltrol.jordan shoes store This material can reduce respiratory system including the trachea and lungs of inflammation, so as to control asthma and chronic obstructive pneumonia and disease. The apple pectin and tannic acid have convergent effect, can be intestinal accumulation of toxins and waste discharge in vitro. One of the crude fiber can loose stool, beneficial to the discharge; Organic acids can stimulate the intestinal wall, increase peristalsis function; And vitamin C more effective protection cardiovascular.

The United States a small range research results show that an apple a day, hold to a month that could significantly reduce the blood oxidation "bad" cholesterol, including the low density lipoprotein level, reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, improve cardiovascular health. "Bad" cholesterol in under the action of free radical oxidation, easy to lead inflammatory disorder, cause tissue damage.Tory Burch selma Riding Boot When low density lipoprotein oxidation, easy to cause sclerosis of arterial congee appearance. Every day people eat an apple, after around low density fat protein oxidation degree significantly reduced. The results show that an apple a day to reduce the oxidation of "bad" cholesterol effect of ginger flavine than pepper, green tea and tomato extract and other antioxidants more apparent. At the same time to eat apple beneficial saliva the antioxidant content, promote healthy teeth.

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The winner of Eat live bugs competition died on the spot after w

Recently, the Florida held a "Eat live bugs" game, 32 year old man in the swallow dozen live bugs killed after. At present the doctor is on the man body dissect, to identify the specific cause of death.

Florida held a "Eat live bugs" game, attracted about 30 players in for.jordan shoes store Participants must swallow including cockroach, the living. , "Eat live bugs" title will receive a python as a reward. 32 years old Edward DE odd bo swallowed dozens of only live worms become the contest, but he unfortunately in the title after died on the spot. Other contestants no symptoms of nausea or discomfort.

The roach is a variety of diseases has become a production and propagation roots, cockroaches can carry disease the most, it carries the plague bacili, dysentery bacillus, escherichia coli, spine inflammation virus and aspergillus flavus poison, etc and various kinds of pathogens, and its secretion and stool of also contain a variety of carcinogen.Tory Burch selma Riding Boot In addition also secrete a kind of special fetid oily matter, in food and daily utensils and tableware crawling when leaving peculiar smell and various kinds of pathogens. Now the United States government used to exterminate cockroach a year of cost about 1.5 billion dollars, or almost is used in the prevention and control of AIDS budget two times.

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A welfare group investment of 100000 pounds to provide toys for

Pigs in the animal it belong to high IQ person. Scientists in the United States found by experiment, the pigs can quickly learn some simple props method of use, in animals after animal intelligence quotient (IQ) of the highest chimpanzees.Tory Burch Calista Riding Boot A British welfare group investment of 100000 pounds for porker provide toys, let them chewing on decompression, in order to produce more delicious pork. Provide porker toy including rope, football and rubber boot, etc.

It is said that anxiety of the pig will release more stress hormone cortisol, affects the pig muscles and flesh.jordan shoes online store According to the timetable for an American of the implementation of the new welfare provisions, eating pig will accept three times a year inspection, veterinary will put their "happiness index" input a database. .

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